50% Divorce Rate! What, we can’t read 3 books to have a successful marriage?

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Four-year college degree = studying, quizzes, tests, mid-terms and finals! Successful marriage = where the hell do people go to get a degree in “successful marriage”? When does anybody ever spend the time studying, taking quizzes, tests, mid-terms and finals for a successful marriage? All this effort spent on getting a degree (a career) and America […]

Dating Tip – Loyalty

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Don’t look for someone who will be loyal to “you”; look for someone who will be loyal to “themselves.” You either agree with their loyalties or you don’t. A person’s “character” is far more reliable/measurable than their “loyalty.”

Testimonial for Toastmasters Speech 4

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“Outstanding speech! Thanks for sharing.” Sarah Picker, Toastmasters evaluator (in response to my 4th Toastmasters speech, Mar 15, 2010) Toastmasters speech 4 – “Death, And What We Do With It” Capital City Toastmasters #142 Sacramento, CA

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