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Archive | December, 2010

Why Do I Attract Crazy People?

“Why do I attract crazy men???? Please someone, tell me why this happens??” A friend of mine recently asked this question on Facebook. She may have asked this question in jest, out of frustration, or she may even be looking for an honest answer. #1: Don’t offer somebody your phone number if you don’t want […]

The Power of a Wepicenter

I enjoy being the center of attention, being the epicenter. And even more fun-er-er is seeking out other epicenters, other “centers-of-attention,” and inviting them to be part of projects where everybody utilizes their talents and strengths! So instead of a single epicenter (me), projects/events are multi-talented wepicenters (we). The TED conference is a perfect example […]

1000 True Fans – Kevin Kelly (Recommended by Tim Ferriss)

1000 True Fans by Kevin Kelly (Recommended by Tim Ferriss during his “Tim Ferriss on How to Reinvent Yourself with Blog Marketing“ interview on Copyblogger): A creator, such as an artist, musician, photographer, craftsperson, performer, animator, designer, videomaker, or author – in other words, anyone producing works of art – needs to acquire only 1,000 […]

Don’t Be An Asshole When Something Goes Wrong

My business cards were delivered 3 days early! Woo-hoo. But they were trimmed off-center, which looks unprofessional. Boo-hoo. PSPrint has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So I called to complain. Here’s how the phone call went: George: “Hello, this is George with PSPrint, how can I help you?” Me: “Hi, George, happy holidays!” George: “Same to […]

Launch Your Own Shooting Star – Differentiate Yourself

“It is important to differentiate yourself by creating a new category for you to fit in. This also creates a new way for people to be looking at you.” (pg 39, paperback) – Trust Agents by @chrisbrogan & @julien [smith] [amazonshowcase_8ef9feff02c2e6505147b2dd99265684] I just started into Chapter 3; totally diggin this book! Chris Brogan Julien Smith

If you love somebody, say so! Have no regrets.

“@stevensmithy I love you. I hope you know that.” ~Madison Bohunicky. Madison never found the right moment to say ‘I love you’ to Steve when they were spending time together Monday evening. An hour later he was killed in a three-car accident. Say ‘I love you’ when you feel it; say it when you mean […]

Challenge your parents “wisdom”

Your parents may hate a certain set of people or a different religion and they may be absolutely convinced that they are correct. But conviction does not make your parents right. Challenge your parents “wisdom/hate/fear” – for it may just turn out to be complete bullshit that’s holding you – and them – back.

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