Charge Full Rate For Cancelled Appointments!

Business: Simple rule: any change in an appointment’s schedule means the appointment is cancelled and needs to be re-scheduled. But more importantly, it means any other client or activity has now permanently lost out. It’s the allotted time that’s valuable, not necessarily what’s done with it. Although, what’s done with your time always has consequences. … Read more

Crappy Relationship ROI? Stop Getting Ripped Off!

You changed for somebody else – you invested all that effort. Then they stormed out and you’re left with an “empty” version of yourself. You shoved your square peg through a round hole and come out damaged and unrecognizable. Your return on investment (ROI) sucks! Now begins the long-ass journey back to… yourself. This stage … Read more

I am the problem!

Sometimes the answer is buried deep inside the very frustration that had previously received my cursing. Sometimes frustration itself is the doorway toward an answer. Maybe it just needs a different angle, a different set of keys, a different set of eyes. Sometimes there’s already somebody on the other side of the door that can … Read more

Productivity levels through the roof! – 37signals co-founder

“When you have a natural interest in something, your productivity levels are through the roof! When you are naturally inspired to work on something, the amount of work you get done is incredible!” David Heinemeier Hansson, co-founder 37signals Signal vs. Noise Podcast:

Crap is meant to be flushed down the toilet, not kept around the house.

Overheard: “I love her like a sister, you know. Which means I hate her like a sister.” So, one day the relationship is strong and the next day it’s weak. One day it’s sugar, the next day it’s poison. One day it’s nutritional, the next day it’s garbage. One day it’s healthy, the next day … Read more

Have the guts to say something helpful!

If you have the guts to say something supportive and productive, you both win! Whatever you say, they hear. And whatever you say, you hear. Make whatever you say worth hearing, worth following, worth repeating. Because the other person’s gonna hear it, your brain’s gonna follow it and somebody’s Facebook Wall is gonna repeat it. … Read more

Superheroes know exactly what their strengths are!

Just met a cool woman, Ashley, who discovered that she loves organic chemistry and is getting her degree. Her Organic Chem subject was really frustrating at first, but after persisting she discovered that she really loves it. And she’s good at it! By finding her strengths, Ashley discovered she’s a Superhero! She admits never having … Read more