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Extra Gum Can't Help Falling With In Love

This Is True Storytelling – Extra Gum’s Can’t Help Falling In Love Gum Commercial

In just under 2 minutes, your heart is transported through a story so universal that you can’t help but relate to it on a deep level. And Haley Reinhart‘s phenomenal cover of Elvis Presley’s Can’t Help Falling In Love is the perfect match for this mini-movie-trailer of two meant-to-be-together souls – from first-glimpse to marriage proposal. …

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Go And See For Yourself – Don’t Believe Everything You Read

Kay posted on Facebook: I just read this in a recently posted article by Foundr magazine: Just FYI, the original poster cannot leave tags in comments anymore…you might get one or two tags in before you get a red error message when commenting. Have to go back to putting them in the description. Bummer. What …

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Swoop in on your business competition!

I posted on Twitter that I was searching for images of “water ripples” for my Dad’s next book cover design. And 90 minutes later – BOOM – a competitor swoops in and offers me similar/same images of “water ripples” @ReidWalley Hey would u like it to give it a try at are …

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Help me change my flat tire – How business can kick ass with Twitter!

Don’t bombard me with a “Four tires for the price of three” sale. Find me on the side of the road and help me change my flat tire! Old, status quo marketing: “Here’s my stuff. Buy my stuff!” New, cool-kid marketing: “Here’s an exact solution to your exact problem!” Here’s how to make your company, …

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Social media – A simple example of why & how it works

I Tweeted that I was considering using Mohawk paper for my next business cards. Mohawk then replied to my Tweet and asked which paper I was interested in. Social media is simply a “mind-reading” platform, which allows Mohawk to scan Twitter (using for mentions of their name – and then engage with me one-on-one. …

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