Gary Vaynerchuk – Why Twitter Video Matters

Gary Vaynerchuk’s real-world business advice on the importance of Twitter Video! “People want to say that it’s not about the hard work. They want to say that it’s about working smart. It’s just not. It’s about BOTH!¬†Go deep instead of wide. Don’t worry about how many followers you have and how you can spam them … Read more

Help me change my flat tire – How business can kick ass with Twitter!

Don’t bombard me with a “Four tires for the price of three” sale. Find me on the side of the road and help me change my flat tire! Old, status quo marketing: “Here’s my stuff. Buy my stuff!” New, cool-kid marketing: “Here’s an exact solution to your exact problem!” Here’s how to make your company, … Read more

Social media – A simple example of why & how it works

I Tweeted that I was considering using Mohawk paper for my next business cards. Mohawk then replied to my Tweet and asked which paper I was interested in. Social media is simply a “mind-reading” platform, which allows Mohawk to scan Twitter (using for mentions of their name – and then engage with me one-on-one. … Read more