Life Coaching Video – You Were Born To Add Your Light Bulb

Webcast recorded Aug 7, 2012. Hosted by Crave the Spotlight, with Victor Jenkins and Jo Grace.

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  1. Tracy Mabinton says:

    Hi Mr. Walley My name is Tracy Mabinton, and I would like to add to my light bulb. But I am stuck and I don’t know how to do it. I really need help. Thank You.

    • Hi Tracy, an easy way to add your light bulb to the Planet is to start a blog. A blog will allow you to document what you believe in, feel strongly about and a way to let others know what you care about. Along with writing, a blog allows you to add pictures and video, as well as link to people’s sites that you agree with. I’d recommend looking at as a place to start.
      Hope that helps to answer how you can begin to add your light bulb.

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