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The Steve Jobs of Hair – Vidal Sassoon Puts A Dent In The Universe

Like Steve Jobs and Apple, file Vidal Sassoon under visionary empire-builder! Business As revealed in the documentary Vidal Sassoon (2011) on Hulu, Sassoon is the first hair stylist to sell $1 billion of hair product after asking himself: “How can I make money while I sleep?” This feat requires both vision and business execution! An authentic break […]

Darren LaCroix – How To Find The Best Speaking Topics For You

Outline from Darren LaCroix’s “How To Find The Best Speaking Topics For You” Instead of “What do I say”?, ask “How do I help people”? There are “hot” topics, but the important question is: “What’s YOUR topic”? Your value is your ability to change perspective! The true value of your presentation is “perspective.” Think: where […]

Behind The Curtain – 2013 Toastmasters International Semifinal Speech Contest

Whew, competing at the 2013 Toastmasters International Semifinal Speech Contest is a LOT different from competing at Club, Area, Division and District contests. First, you’re competing in front of an audience of complete strangers (unless you’re in your home-town of Cincinnati, OH, like Chris Nachtrab was when he won 1st-place in my Semifinals group). I […]

Talia Castellano – The Power of Staying Positive

The power of a positive mental attitude lived and breathed a full, brightly-spirited life in 13-year-old Talia Castellano. Finding and following her dream of being a makeup artist, Talia touched and inspired millions of people! Thank you for sharing the light of your soul, Talia. You’re a real hero! RIP, 2000-2013. Ellen DeGeneres: “Despite the […]

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