You + Clarity

You expect to kick ass! And when you get off track I’ll call you on your bullshit and help keep you accountable to your vision.

You + Focus

Your strengths are what make you priceless! And like all superpowers, staying focused makes you and your team better.

You + Confidence

Everyone listens to you when you speak with confidence and charisma, because you’re standing where others fear to tread.
Hillary Schieve, Reno Mayor & Entrepreneur

“You have that awesome ability to make people want to go far.”

Hillary Schieve, Reno Mayor & Entrepreneur

Confidence Coaching

Double your confidence in 21 days.
Do you have an interview coming up? Did your presentation fail last time? Teaching a new health & fitness class? Do your students have a hard time hearing you? Does talking to your employees freak you out?

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Be Yourself On Stage

Feel like yourself in front of 5, 50, 500 people.
Have to present at your company’s annual retreat? Just discovered that speaking in front of your co-workers is harder than you thought? Do you feel like your audience never sees the real you on stage?

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Speaking Workshops

Do your instructors need a boost of self-confidence?
You’ve just finished training your instructors, but you notice some of them feel a little uncomfortable in front of a class. A workshop that teaches them confidence and speaking skills is the answer!

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Be Friggin Awesome-er!

Phenomenal insights

I want you to know how much I appreciate the way you not only “listen,” but you “hear” what I’m saying to you. You have a way of processing quickly and giving phenomenal insights. I always feel enriched and re-energized after our meetings.

Jeanine Calandri, Retirement planning and asset management consultant, Sacramento, CA

Delivered a better speech

Was reading your blog post prior to my 5 minute work presentation via phone to 100 participants. By using the techniques you wrote about, I was able to deliver a better speech. Thank you for taking the time to blog about your approach prior to and during speeches.

An excellent choice

Reid was an excellent choice as a speaker for our 25th Annual Meeting. He held the audience’s attention from the minute he started to the end!

Frustration, properly harnessed, is a powerful compass for the best use of your skills, talents and strengths.

“Reid Walley…you so rock! Thank you for looking to your left and right and spotting people such as myself. Your support is invaluable. You have no idea how far we designers and hopefuls ride on your kind ways/words. I love you.”

– Cat StahlDesigner and owner, Onward Kitty

Growing leaps and bounds

Hey Reid, want to say thank you for all the business coaching. It has really helped my business and gang prevention ministry grow leaps and bounds. The knowledge, wisdom and resources you have provided have been priceless. God bless.

Speaking Workshop

Reid shared his experiences as a Toastmaster and speech contest winner at our 2013 District Fall Conference. He was able to impart his lessons learned to his audience in a personal way that they could apply to themselves.

Life Coaching for Entrepreneurs & Professionals!

Imagine Being Bolder!