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Social media – A simple example of why & how it works

I Tweeted that I was considering using Mohawk paper for my next business cards. Mohawk then replied to my Tweet and asked which paper I was interested in. Social media is simply a “mind-reading” platform, which allows Mohawk to scan Twitter (using for mentions of their name – and then engage with me one-on-one. […]

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Business – Project Idealism: Lance Walley of Chargify

Andrew Wicklander’s interview with my brother, Lance. Project Idealism: Podcast Episode #10: Lance Walley of Chargify, Engine Yard, Parallax and more In my latest podcast episode I interviewed Lance Walley, who has been building businesses for over 20 years. Most recently Lance co-founded Chargify – a recurring billing system, and before that EngineYard – a Rails application hosting […]

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Testimonial – Ray Johnson

“Hey Reid, want to say thank you for all the business coaching. It has really helped my business and gang prevention ministry grow leaps and bounds. The knowledge, wisdom and resources you have provided have been priceless.” P.S. By the way…. No, Reid did not ask me for this testimony, I just felt compelled to […]

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