• Intuition isn't stupid

Intuition isn’t stupid, I am

By |December 27th, 2012|

Intuition isn't stupid, I am. If I date the wrong person, I’m to blame. I’m the full-on sucka! I have 6 senses to help me navigate all this shit. SIX! If I can’t make a “should I stay or should I go” decision with 6 senses stabbing me in the face all the time, I’m a complete moron!

Boxers don’t put nay-sayers in their corner!

By |July 15th, 2011|

A boxer wouldn’t last a single round in the ring if their trainer and team were telling them they should give up, that they’re not smart enough, strong enough or fast enough! You wouldn’t last a single round in your day-to-day life with all that crap in your corner, either.
You have a person in the […]

Customer service – Not just for customers anymore

By |June 11th, 2011|

Customer service is one of the new frontiers for intimate relationships, as well as family and friends. Customer service isn’t just for customers and social media – it’s for your marriage, your business partners, your employees, your vendors, your co-workers, your family and friends. Customer service is YOU being nice to the cashier who’s having […]

What do you love about your customers?

By |April 16th, 2011|