Chris Brogan’s speech at New England XPO – Excerpts

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Chris Brogan’s speech at New England XPO (excerpts): Mobile matters a great deal! 16pt plain-text “rules” in mobile, especially as consumers age. Web-enable your store’s location: (add your physical store). >10% of complaints about a store experience – actually Tweeted from within the store Facebook: fastest-growing segment is 31-60 year olds, mostly women (to […]

Trust Agents – Steve Cunningham’s 5 Takeaways

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If you are looking for a book on how social media is transforming the world around you, then Trust Agents is exactly what you are looking for. Among other books that Steve Cunningham recommends reading is “How To Win Friends and Influence People.” Top 5 takeaways from the book. Be a part of the […]

The Law of Attraction – Filtration and Action

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In response to Chris Brogan’s post, “A Scary Admission,” on his My Escape Velocity blog: The Law of Attraction can also be viewed as The Law of Filtration – ie: whatever you focus on gets through and everything else gets filtered out. My buddy, David Howe, made his first 6 short films this way. Anybody […]

Confidence Extends Your Reach!

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“Confidence extends your reach. Which, in turn, extends the confidence of the people you come in contact with.” -Reid Walley. I got inspired by Chris Brogan’s video on Confidence:

Launch Your Own Shooting Star – Differentiate Yourself

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“It is important to differentiate yourself by creating a new category for you to fit in. This also creates a new way for people to be looking at you.” (pg 39, paperback) – Trust Agents by @chrisbrogan & @julien [smith] [amazonshowcase_8ef9feff02c2e6505147b2dd99265684] I just started into Chapter 3; totally diggin this book! Chris Brogan Julien Smith

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