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Customer service – Not just for customers anymore

Customer service is one of the new frontiers for intimate relationships, as well as family and friends. Customer service isn’t just for customers and social media – it’s for your marriage, your business partners, your employees, your vendors, your co-workers, your family and friends. Customer service is YOU being nice to the cashier who’s having […]

We strive for happiness — not satisfaction. 37signals

The customer service industry is obsessed with “customer satisfaction”. We believe that’s too low a bar. Satisfaction is not a measure of success — it’s just enough to get by. We want our customers to be happy. Happiness is success. Happiness is our goal. 37signals Customer Support Happiness Report

Don’t Be An Asshole When Something Goes Wrong

My business cards were delivered 3 days early! Woo-hoo. But they were trimmed off-center, which looks unprofessional. Boo-hoo. PSPrint has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So I called to complain. Here’s how the phone call went: George: “Hello, this is George with PSPrint, how can I help you?” Me: “Hi, George, happy holidays!” George: “Same to […]

Customer Service Disappointment

To the Barista who is argumentative and curt with customers, and “doesn’t want to hear it” when a customer says they can show you a receipt: You’re gonna get your ass fired with all that negative attitude. Especially when the employee just coming on for the next shift is always smiling, energetic and nice. In […]

Great Customer Service: “…helps me enjoy the shopping experience!”

Question: How was our customer service? Answer: “Fantastic. Every time I visit the employees are friendly, helpful, and talkative. They seem to enjoy what they do, and that helps me enjoy the shopping experience!” Plato’s Survey provides custom in-store and Web-based customer surveys for Plato’s Closet franchise owners. Are customers saying great things about […]

Great Customer Service Starts in the Restroom!

Outstanding: Dear friends of mine owned a restaurant many years ago and I would regularly see the husband in the mens restroom – cleaning! The restroom ALWAYS looked spotless and smelled amazing! And the food, service and host/hostess greetings were equally professional, friendly and clean. Problem: They eventually sold the restaurant to a new set […]

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