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Toastmasters Public Speaking

Speech Contest Lessons Learned

Reflections on winning at the District speech level, then going on to place 2nd in the Toastmasters International Semifinals in 2013.

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Guest Speaker for Your Toastmasters Event

Guest speaker for your Toastmasters club, Open House, and Educational Session workshop for your District Conference.

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Reid is a great speech coach who taught me a variety of techniques that I continue to use on a regular basis.

Julie Mattox

Former Area 52 Governor, District 39, Toastmasters International, LinkedIn Profile

Health & Fitness Instructors

Help bring your future fitness instructors out of their shell with a 2-hour, hands-on, public speaking workshop.

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Reid is entertaining and does a great job at helping bring our future Instructors out of their shell, and feel more comfortable speaking and expressing themselves in front of a group.

Lindy Hobbs

Owner, P2O Hot Pilates & Fitness

Public Speaking & Confidence Workshops

Be a speaking badass in front of your health & fitness class, boss, employees, conference attendees, customers, investors, Toastmasters club, speech contest audience. Hands-on workshop. Interactive real-world exercises. Walk away with more useful public speaking and confidence-building experience than 95% of the population!

Be Bold

Life Coach

You want clarity, focus, accountability! The business owners and professionals that I’ve worked with deeply appreciate the safe-place-to-vent sounding board environment!

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The Badassery Package

Make a positive change in your life that everyone will notice! Combine 1) public speaking + 2) confidence + 3) life coaching + 4) health. The holistic recipe that’ll make you a badass!

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You have that awesome ability to make people want to go far.

Hillary Schieve

Mayor, City of Reno

You process quickly and give phenomenal insights. I always feel enriched and re-energized after our meetings.

Jeanine Calandri

Retirement Planning & Asset Management Consultant, Sacramento, CA

Reid has an uncanny ability to quickly bring clarity, focus, and effective strategies to executives and entrepreneurs.

Kane Dutt

Former Founder, Secure Storage Technologies LLC

Frustration, properly harnessed, is a powerful compass for the best use of your skills, talents and strengths.

The WRONG Way To Market Your Product On Instagram

After I posted a video on Instagram showing my MacBook, hard drive, and Hershey's chocolate, donjoeco left a comment asking if I wanted fresh socks delivered to my door. Wait, what? What do the items in my Instagram video have to do with delivering socks to my door?...

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