Reid Walley’s Public Speaking Demo April 11, 2022 Toastmasters

Cheering for your success while repeating the price of becoming a badass is frequently falling on your ass!

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You have that awesome ability to make people want to go far!

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How To Exercise Resources

Great articles, explanations, and videos about how to do exercises from Bar Bend. Here are the articles I’m currently reading: The Best Lower Body Strength Exercises – Very Well Fit The expert tip for deadlifts: “An important cue I’ll always give for a first-timer is to learn to tilt your pelvis up and down, to help keep…

Personal Growth

Answering What Does One Do When Feeling Entirely Disposable?

What does one do when feeling entirely disposable? My response: Disposable is discovering, “Oh, shit, I’m stuck on someone else’s shelf! This ain’t the fucking shelf I want to be stuck on. These mutherfuckers don’t even like their own shelf. No wonder they think everything on their shelf is disposable. I need to get the…