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Reid Walley – Public Speaking Demo – April 11, 2022 at Capital City Toastmasters in Sacramento, CA

You have that awesome ability to make people want to go far!

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Bitcoin Q & A #1

A Facebook commenter asked 2 great questions (note: I’m only answering for Bitcoin, not *crypto*. As the saying goes: Bitcoin, not crypto): Question: Can we still use crypto when the private key is lost? Answer: Private Keys are like you owning your own bank and owning the keys to the front door, back door, and…


Protecting Your Bitcoin

With Bitcoin you are your own bank and you are responsible for your own Operational Security (OpSec). When I was a child my parents and grandparents taught me the responsibility of locking and unlocking the front and back doors to the house. They also taught me how to lock and unlock the doors on their…

Personal Growth | Social Media

People Making You Feel Reluctant About Using Social Media?

Them: “I’ve actually gotten very reluctant and a little paranoid about how to comport myself on Instagram because I seem to have offended someone by the way that I was sending things on private message without realizing it. I was just trying to be friendly and keep in touch but they got really mad. So…

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You Are Worthy

You are worthy of showing yourself the same kindness – and importance – that you show other people and other beings. You are worthy of freely and easily bathing yourself with kindness and non-judgement. Being a happier human being is a process of analysis, not self-judgement, self-pity, and self-putdowns. Critical self-analysis is good, while critical…