Reach Higher

Regret Nothing

“You have that awesome ability to make people want to go far.”

Hillary Schieve

Mayor, City of Reno

Public Speaking Workshops: Walk away with less fear, more badassery!

Pilates Studios

Public speaking workshops that equip your Pilates Instructors with confidence!


“Reid runs an amazing workshop! He does a great job at helping bring our future Pilates Instructors out of their shell and feel more comfortable speaking in front of a group.” Lindy Hobbs

Owner, P2O Hot Pilates & Fitness

“Reid’s energy and enthusiasm were contagious and everyone walked out of the workshop with a lot more confidence and excitement than we could have ever imagined!” Jayne Nielsen

Club President, Pop-Up Toastmasters


In-depth speaking workshops for your club, open house, and District conference!


Find The Yeasayers In Your Life

The yipee-people that fuel you forward

You process quickly and give phenomenal insights. I always feel enriched and re-energized after our meetings.

Jeanine Calandri

Consultant, Retirement Planning & Asset Management

Reid has an uncanny ability to quickly bring clarity, focus, and effective strategies to executives and entrepreneurs.

Kane Dutt

Founder, Secure Storage Technologies LLC

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