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Hot Pilates Instructors

"I love this guy! He’s taught a [public speaking & confidence] workshop to every Hot Pilates Teacher Training group of mine and they will all tell you how great he is!" – Lindy Hobbs, Owner, P2O Hot Pilates & Fitness

Confidence Workshop - P2O Hot Pilates Sept 22 2018 01

Surgery Residents

Interactive, worksheet-paced, bootcamp-style Confidence Workshop for surgeons in residence. Latest event was at Dr. Amanda Kirane's UC Davis Chapter meeting of the Association of Women Surgeons in Sacramento, CA.

Reid Walley leading Public Speaking & Confidence Workshop with Resident at UC Davis Chapter Association of Women Surgeons. UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center, Sacramento, CA. Aug 2, 2018. Photo by Dr Amanda Kirane.

"Looking calm while feeling awkward is the goal."

#PracticeHack from my 30-min Interactive Public Speaking Demo at Capital City Toastmaster #142 in Sacramento


"Thank you Reid! You always have great [Toastmasters public speaking] tips for improvement and feedback.”

Jaytika Nand - Member, Capital City Toastmasters #142


"Love my t-shirt The Greatest Technology Is Love™ from Reid! ...combines three of my fave things: Love, Design, and Tech."

Krys Blackwood, UX Designer for NASA/JPL

"Satisfied customer, bro. The Analog™ shirt quality is comfortable fitting. Print is top-notch quality. 3X fits perfect. Love my shirt!"

Lott Moafanua