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Increasing Sources of Fat in My Diet

What to Know About Polyunsaturated Fat Unsaturated Fat. Unsaturated or healthy fat is liquid at room temperature and becomes solid when it is cooled. It’s good for your health. It improves blood cholesterol levels and reduces your risk of developing heart problems and stroke. Unsaturated fat is found in foods such as vegetable oils, nuts, and seeds. …

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When To Stop Learning Something New

Better to have tried and failed. I spent the past 3 months digging into how to alter product gallery thumbnails on desktop vs mobile for WooCommerce products. There’s a plugin involved that did a lot of the heavy lifting, but I wanted to display product thumbnails on desktop but only pagination dots on mobile. Accessing…

Personal Growth

Why “Don’t Work Too Hard” Is Defeatist Advice

Each person decides for themselves their level of income, security, and future. “Don’t work too hard” isn’t about avoiding 120-hour work-weeks, but it does leave out the possibility for a deeper flow or curiosity or focus. Actively working hard can take a mere 10 mins. It isn’t necessarily the duration but the dedication. It’s not…

Toastmasters Public Speaking

Toastmasters Public Speaking Demo – Nov 4, 2022

Good public speaking demo at this evening’s Capital City Toastmasters – Midtown Sacramento in-person meeting! Two guests, and a 3rd that wished to participate but we ran out of time. Address sweaty palms and a flush face with an equally-physical response: a deep breath. It allows you to mentally reset, adds a purposeful pause, and…