10 First Impressions That Matter – Todd Smith

Fantastic advice for success from Todd Smith, who became a student of personal development and within four and half years was one of the nation’s top-selling Realtors, selling over 115 homes a year.  At 28, he was one of the youngest Realtors ever inducted into RE/MAX’s Hall of Fame.

We have all heard of the value of making a positive impression when meeting someone for the first time.  It only takes a few seconds for someone to evaluate you. This opinion is usually based on your demeanor, mannerisms, body language, speech, and appearance, but it’s even more than that.

When you meet new people and enter into new relationships, what do you notice?  Do you notice the clothes they wear in different settings? Do you notice the first email they send you?  Do you notice the amount of time it takes them to respond to your first email or phone call? Do you notice how they interact in the first meeting you’re in together? The fact is, you intuitively notice many things that, when combined together, form your opinion of them.

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