Life coach for business owners and professionals. Public speaking coach. Highlighting the accomplishments of others.

Discovered the secret to getting an A in collage was to do everything backwards. Apologized to my amazing ex-wife for being an asshole to her during our divorce. Completed the 12-week Body-for-Life challenge in 1999 – after quitting twice. In 2001, started a life-long quest for self-generated happiness. In 2007, I discovered that troubleshooting websites was crushing my soul (read Life Coaching Bio). Finished in the top-18, worldwide, in the 2013 Toastmasters International Speech Contest (read Toastmasters Bio). Big fan of shining a spotlight on the talents and accomplishments of others. Reno mayor Hillary Schieve says, “You have an awesome ability to make people want to go far.”

Frustration is a powerful compass. It’s a reminder that you’re ignoring your strengths.