Affinity Designer: Adding Image Into Multi-line Text

Adding image inside text, and solving lowercase e’s and d’s that mistakenly fill in as solid

  1. Start with 5 lines of lowercase text, and transform into outline: Layer > Convert to curves
  2. In the Layers tab: select all outlined text objects, then click the little blue Add icon in the Tool Bar (top menu location). (This will create a new combined-shapes sub-Layer).
  3. Select image (which has already been Placed onto the art board) and copy
  4. Select the combined-shapes sub-Layer, and choose Paste Inside (Edit > Paste Inside). The image should now be inside the outlined text objects (in the combined-shapes sub-Layer).
  5. BUT the lowercase e’s and d’s (at least in my case) don’t have their holes showing – they’re solid letter shapes. (Lowercase o’s and a’s are fine. Their holes are showing.) To solve this and get the holes to re-appear in the lowercase e’s and d’s, do the following:
  6. In the Layers tab, select the combined-shapes sub-Layer
  7. Then click the little blue Divide icon in the Tool Bar
  8. Then click the little blue Combine icon in the Tool Bar
  9. Now the holes in the lowercase e’s and d’s should be showing

Using Affinity Designer

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