As Mom Ages Her World Shrinks

Mom has an interesting feature now that she’s 80. The landmarks that she enjoyed in her youth are either no longer accessible or they’ve been torn down.

Her parent’s home, and their mountain cabin, are owned by new people – so, not accessible like they once were.

Her favorite place to hang out as a child, teen, and even for my first birthday party when she was 25, was the Pacific Coast Club in Long Beach, CA. Built in 1926, it was torn down in 1988.

And her favorite place as an adult, and a place her and her Mom took me and Lance on vacation many times, was among the Giant Sequoias in Sequoia National Forest. The lodges we used to stay in for 2 weeks at a time were demolished from 1997 to 2005.

There are times and environments and occasions that no longer exist. And sometimes happiness and fulfillment and purpose are severed by time, change, and progress.

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