Technology Will Replace Essential Workers

Coronavirus pandemic stay-home orders, essential workers, and the need to learn an essential new skill-set. My daughter is an essential worker at Target, and is very worried about getting infected by SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus (COVID-19) as the public continues to shop at Target. She would LOVE to stay home and not risk hers and her son’s … Read more

What Part Of Public Speaking Makes You Nervous?

The public part or the speaking part? The following Facebook comments from fellow Toastmasters provide a deeper insight than I imagined: Author W. Faye Portman: “Speaking [part]. Saying the wrong thing.” Linda Thompson: “Pubic part. I like talking.” Clark Pierce: “For me it’s the public part depending on the audience and topic. I gave a speech about failure … Read more

Moneydance – Move Category Transactions With Batch Change

If you use Moneydance for your accounting, like I do, and need to move a shitload of transactions from an old Category to a new Category, I just tried this technique from Kevin N. in the InfiniteKind forum – and it totally works. Example time. I have an old expense Category called: “Business – Web & Graphics … Read more

How can I cope with embarrassment?

Smile and take a deep breath! Embarrassment is like a plot-twist in a movie that you didn’t see coming – it’s a shocking surprise. And like Simon Huggins mentions: ride it out. When you feel embarrassed: smile, breathe, and allow it. Let the moment live. Then get right back to building your startup, writing your book or … Read more

Toastmasters Public Speaking Takeaways for Dec 2019

Each speech does not have to be perfect. You can mess up your next speech too. Your speaking path is an arc of fumbles that leads to self-confidence. When it comes to practicing public speaking in front of your Toastmasters club, feeling the feeling of feeling awkward is your goal. Flip the script on your … Read more

Blur/Censor A Moving Face in Final Cut Pro X

So far, I’ve only used the first option by CoreMelt. SliceX Free by CoreMelt Price: Free Must request a free license via form on product page. Description: Lets you use mocha tracking with oval and rectangle masks. NOTE on usage: MUST enable the Keyframing icon for the tool to actually track the moving object. ProAnonymous … Read more