Good Eye Contact Takes Practice

It’s hard enough maintaining good eye contact while you’re speaking to an audience. It’s 10 times harder after you’ve forgotten what you were going to say next.

Places to practice making good eye contact:

  • Cashiers at grocery stories, department stories, gas stations
  • Baristas
  • Wait-staff at restaurants
  • Bartenders
  • Table Topics section of a Toastmasters club meeting
  • Online video conference (look directly into your camera)

Water As A Habit

For more than half of my life I HATED drinking plain ol’ water. It was tasteless and boring as fuck!!!

Then, 21 years ago, Bill Phillips’ Body-for-Life challenge convinced me that water was one of the secret ingredients to bodybuilding and fat-lose.

I was NOT happy. Water sucked. But I started each day with 2 cups of plain ol’ water. And it sucked. I hated it, but drank the water while bitching about drinking the water.

The goal was 8 cups of water per day – with no sweetener. An IMPOSSIBLE task for me at the time. Now, it’s like clockwork.

Poem 6

Check what the muthafuckin’ record just said, man.

Slip to the books chump, betta find another can.

Killin’ muthafuckas just tryin’ a throw a juice, man?

Spreadin’ to the head blast, record for the devils’ can.

Kiss, cut, cry, kill; muthafuckin’ bullet fill.

Dabble death, trigger will, betta shot, betta kill.

Muthafuckin’ asshole, betta chill the fuck show.

Never know the time of day, bullet finds its own way.