A back rub is the perfect stress-relief for you and your staff

Better health and well being

“What more can I say about Reid’s back rubs and his ability to not only find the exact location of your malaise, but then he goes one step further by explaining what bodily steps that you can practice to rectify the issue. It’s not simply a massage, it’s an intuitive moment in time where you are presented with the opportunity for true relief, better health and well being. You don’t have to take my word for it, I invite you to experience it first hand.”
Communication Specialist
Sacramento, CA

Receive a 15-minute back rub at your business location!

Dissolve stress and boost your energy levels from the comfort of your business! No need to go anywhere. I’ll come to your business location during business hours.

Schedule your or your team’s 15 minute relaxing and energizing back rub in advance.

30 minute advance reminder. Membership/Subscriptions: Get one free back rub with every 10-pack ordered. Gift cards: buy a 5-pack for a friend.

Powerful and relaxing

“Reid’s back rubs are the perfect boost of powerful and relaxing energy when I am short on time and need to decompress!”
Entrepreneur & Tech Advocate
Reno, NV

“Your back rubs are the boom-chica-boom! The total enchilada. The original matzo ball. Goose bumps galore. A true treat for all muscle cells and their immediate family.”
Mirie Levy
Sacramento, CA

“…the best back rubs on the entire planet.”
Emily Reid
Reno, NV

“Your back rubs always hit the spot! You have my endorsement.”
Kaye Zimmermann Nicholson
Reno, NV

“I just wanted to thank you again. My back feels great today.”
Loretta J.
Sacramento, CA

“Reid has healing hands. Now, almost every time he comes into Temple coffeehouse we take a quick ten minutes to work on my neck and back. His messages and general energy have helped my considerably.”
Nicole Cecil
Sacramento, CA

“Reid, that was the closest to ecstasy I have been lately. Thank you!”
Kelly Bertelson
Reno, NV

“By far you are the best back rubber ~ yep, yep, yep!”
Jackie Auldridge
Business owner
Reno, NV

“Reid Walley gives the BEST back rub ever!”
Whitny Mulligan
Reno, NV

“Fabulous back rubs! Love, love, love them… the most amazing back rubs in the World. You are incredible!”
Vaungaylyn de Witt
Reno, NV