Beautiful end-of-life advice from my friend Whitny Mulligan

Whitny Mulligan and Reid Walley Oct 2009I knew Whitny Mulligan for 15 years, ever since we first met at Deux Gros Nez coffeehouse in Reno, NV around 1997. Whitny was always amazing, bright, laughing and full of spirit! She died of cancer Sept 23, 2012.

Here’s what Sukhbir Kaur, her close friend and Kundalini yoga teacher at Yoga Shala in Sacramento, shared in her newsletter about her visit with Whitny just days before she died…

When I asked Whitny if there was anything she wanted to leave behind, she said “I want people to be okay with who they are and I do not want people to fear death but embrace it.”

Whitny was 33, a mother of 2 beautiful boys, an amazing wife and a true light on this planet.

I can honestly say that this beautiful end-of-life advice is definitely from the Whitny I knew. Love you, Whitny!

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