Who owns your Software Copyright? by Law 4 Small Business

“So, despite the fact that many software contracts recite that software is a work for hire, it would be unwise to rely on such a clause. If the intent is that the person paying for the software owns the software copyright, such a clause should also be backed up by an appropriately tailored assignment.” Source:…

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Affinity Designer: Adding Image Into Multi-line Text

Adding image inside text, and solving lowercase e’s and d’s that mistakenly fill in as solid Start with 5 lines of lowercase text, and transform into outline: Layer > Convert to curves In the Layers tab: select all outlined text objects, then click the little blue Add icon in the Tool Bar (top menu location).…

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Designing T-shirt Outside Label Art

Three design options. Let’s create 100%-size mockups and test what the designs look like “in place.” Using Affinity Designer to design the 3 inch x 3 inch graphics, print’em out, cut’em out, and place’em on the back of a t-shirt. Then, post pics on Facebook and Instagram Gallery and ask peeps which one they like…

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Analog DJ Headphones face - Affinity Designer

How To Draw A Face by Darlene Nguyen

Super-helpful tutorial for beginners like myself: Learn how to draw a face in 8 easy steps: Beginners – Darlene Nguyen Darlene’s tutorial taught me everything I needed to know to draw a face from scratch. I used her instructions to create my Analog DJ Headphones t-shirt artwork in Affinity Designer.

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Using HandBrake To Try And Fix Poor Audio In Video

Videotaped a workshop with my camcorder. Turns out it records in Mono channel (ugh); the video comes out kinda crappy; and the audio with a kinda crappy external mic comes out kinda crappy. Experimenting with HandBrake to see if I can turn 90 mins of kinda crappy video & audio into something a little better.…

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Reid Walley leading Public Speaking & Confidence Workshop with Resident at UC Davis Chapter Association of Women Surgeons. UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center, Sacramento, CA. Aug 2, 2018. Photo by Dr Amanda Kirane.

Confidence Workshop – UC Davis Chapter Association of Women Surgeons

A big thanks to Dr. Amanda Kirane for inviting me to present a hands-on bootcamp-style Public Speaking & Confidence Workshop for her UC Davis General Surgery Residents at their UC Davis Chapter’s Association of Women Surgeons (AWS) meeting. Location: UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center, Sacramento, CA. Date: Aug 2, 2018.

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Kyrs Blackwood wearing The Greatest Technology Is Love t-shirt July 2018

Kyrs Blackwood Loves The Greatest Technology Is Love T-shirt

“Look at my awesome [The Greatest Technology Is Love™] T-shirt from Reid Walley! Reid is a fantastic human being and this shirt combines three of my fave things – Love, Design, and Tech. I’m lucky to have friends like him.” Krys Blackwood (nee Taylor) UX Designer for NASA/JPL July 2018

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Confidence Has A Recipe

Confidence has a LOOK, a SOUND, a PACE, a certain LACK OF APOLOGY. LOOK Confidence has a look, a stance, a profile, a posture. Sit up straight – no slouching; no hunching over. And confidence makes eye contact! “Perhaps the most important physical act onstage is making eye contact.” – Chris Anderson, TED Talk conference…

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What The Hell Does “Fake It ‘Til You Make It” Mean, Anyway?

You take action – even when you’re not ready! You take action – even when you’re scared shitless! You take action – even when you do NOT have all of your ducks in a row! You take action – even when you’re not sure of the outcome! “Fake It ‘Til You Make It” is facing…

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