Boxers don't put nay-sayers in their corner!

A boxer wouldn’t last a single round in the ring if their trainer and team were telling them they should give up, that they’re not smart enough, strong enough or fast enough! You wouldn’t last a single round in your day-to-day life with all that crap in your corner, either.

You have a person in the ring coming at you with punches, trying to knock you out. Life can be the same. What are the people in your corner saying to help you win?

Some family and friend’s comments may be loving and protective, but ultimately defeating. Other times they’re just plain hurtful and demeaning. Their feedback may be completely unhelpful.

It doesn’t always mean that family and friends don’t love you, it just means they don’t always know how to help you.

You need someone in your corner to help you kick ass – to provide strategic, productive and actionable feedback.

Sometimes a little “believing in somebody” has a huge impact that they don’t get anywhere else.

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