Business Coach – Customer service presentation for Plato's Closet Reno employees, part 2

Business coach customer service research. I just finished my second customer service presentation for Plato’s Closet Reno employees as part of my continuing business coaching research.

Owner, Hillary Schieve, was kind enough to invite me back to present customer service, part 2, and asked when I can present part 3 shortly after we wrapped up.

A quick 5 minute presentation put the employees on track for followup customer service presentations.

First Impressions – How Your Customers Perceive You


– “Hi, welcome to Plato’s Closet. If you have any questions, I’m happy to help.”
– This also helps prevent retail theft, as most thieves prefer not to be noticed upon entering the store.


– Dude, smile:)


– Treat customers like your friends. Be friendly☺ “How’s it goin’? Can I help you find anything?”


– Over the years I’ve heard, “I’ll only be nice to customers that are nice to me.”
– Not every customer is happy – sometimes their just goin’ through some stuff and they bring it in the store with them. That’s OK.
– Always smile and be friendly with every customer.
– Angry customers want to be listened to, too.


– When you’re behind the counter: Ask, “How can I help you?” if a customer is near the counter.
– When you’re on the floor: Ask, “Are you finding everything OK?” (even if it means interrupting them while their shopping; even if it means interrupting what you’re doing).

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