Business Coaching – Mixergy Interview with TwitPic Founder

How A Spare Computer Became TwitPic, A $1.5+ Million A Year Twitter Success Story – Andrew Warner’s interview with Noah Everett.

Business Tips via Mixergy, home of the ambitious upstart!

In 2008, Noah Everett wanted to share photos on Twitter. Since there was no way to do it, he grabbed an old server and created Twitpic as a side project. This program will show you how he did it, but before you listen to it, I want to give you some numbers:

– In terms of traffic, Alexa says Twitpic is a top 100 site

– In 2009, the site did over $1.5 million in ad sales

– For every million in sales, the company keeps $700,000

– The site has about 6.5 million registered users

– Noah was recently offered 8 figures for the business

– There are only 4 people working on the site (including Noah’s parents)

At this point, I bet many readers’ eyes will glaze and they’ll say, “Dumb luck, Andrew. This story is just as useful to me as studying a lottery winner.” I anticipated that, which is why Noah and I spent so much time in this interview going over the specific techniques that got him here and talking about what YOU learn from the way he built the company.

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