Business coaching – Successful CEO's Advice for 2010 "Slow Down, Do Less" (and get more done)

Great advice for 2010 from my brother, Lance Walley, a successful entrepreneur (co-founder/former CEO of Engine Yard & current CEO of Chargify):

Slow Down, Do Less” (and get more done)!

The new year usually makes us think of long-term stuff.

In 2010, I strive to slow down, do less, and focus on what’s important.

I set a similar goal for myself in 2001 and life has been better ever since.

At the time, I decided not to be in a hurry and not to be late for things. Some friends chuckled at the idea of deciding not to be hurried. But it’s actually very doable if you just make the decision and change a few things in life.

I don’t mean being a slacker. Doing stuff feels good, especially if it’s some sort of accomplishment, and dilly-dallying gets boring pretty quickly.

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