Business success at Engine Yard due to everyone's efforts to add value to the customer!

My brother, Lance Walley, is a very smart businessman. He is the co-founder and CEO of Engine Yard, based in San Francisco, which provides fully-managed Ruby and Rails hosting and deployment.

Lance recently mentioned the reason for Engine Yard’s success was due to every employee’s efforts: “I want to note that we wouldn’t be in this strong position without the efforts of everyone at Engine Yard!  Every time you add value to a customer’s life, you add value to Engine Yard. That means everything from restarting a slice to interacting at conferences to answering customer calls to making better software for our platform. There are so many facets on which we’ve all done very well. It speaks to the value we’ve created and to the potential offered by our leadership in the Ruby & Rails communities.”

Lance’s “adding value to the customer = adding value to Engine Yard” creed is especially helpful in this current economic down-turn. Customer service, at all levels of the business, is the only real differentiating factor that continues to elevate Engine Yard’s position and leadership.

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