Adam Says I Helped Double His Company's Sales In A Year!

“Reid has been a large factor for the growth, efficiency, and culture of my company. His value has come in many different forms: From helping to clarify our strengths and weaknesses to refining our operations, to inspiring me to achieve more than what I thought was possible… “Since working with Reid, he has helped me … Read more

What's a Kill Fee in the Creative Industry?

Seventeen years ago, I got my first paid website design project – a trucking & warehouse company based in Sparks, NV. They wanted new photos of their trucks, warehouse, and offices. Naturally I hired a professional photographer a couple of weeks in advance. The day before the shoot, the client called and had to re-schedule. … Read more

Gary Vaynerchuk Sees A Trillion Dollar Meditation Industry

Heads-up if you’re in the health, wellness, fitness industry. Maybe you own a yoga or pilates studio, a gym or Zumba studio, a clothing line, an App software company, a music recording studio, a social media marketing company, a website design company, a logo design company… “Meditation is about to EXPLODE in America! …In 4-5 years … Read more

Do You Cheat Your Customers Out Of Their Most Valuable Asset?

Cap City Squeeze juice bar in Sacramento makes delicious, freshly juiced awesomeness! It is so good! And I only live 5 minutes away! Searched Google to see what time they close: 6:00 p.m. Checked my watch: 5:20 p.m. Cool! Arrived at 5:25, only to be greeted with blaring music (much louder than usual) and all … Read more

Reputation Management Starts With Intent – UC Davis Police Pepper Spray

The last sentence in this LA Times article “UC Davis spends $175,000 to sanitize its online image after ugly pepper spray episode“ reads: “It’s very important to manage a reputation, and people often don’t realize that,” Kalb said. “So many companies have been seriously damaged for not having a strategy for handling this.” There’s nothing … Read more

Lance Walley Interviewed by interviews with my brother, Lance Walley, CEO of Lance Walley of Chargify (Part 1): Pioneering the Rails Community with Engine Yard (Episode length 28:12) Michael Sacca and Joelle Goldman talk to Lance about the early days of Engine Yard, pioneering the RoR movement, and lessons learned about hiring friends. Lance Walley of Chargify (Part 2): Navigating … Read more

Mark Cuban – Don't Follow Your Passion, Follow Your…

…follow your efforts. Mark Cuban then elaborates, tying efforts to being curious: “I found myself being really curious about business; being really curious about technology. And that curiosity is really what drove me. Curiosity is great. That’s what leads you to your path.” Mark Cuban, Billionaire (from Tai Lopez’s interview with Mark Cuban, starting at … Read more

Strengths Finder – What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up? Model speech for Toastmasters 2015 Area 45 Speech Contest. As Cathy Davidson points out in her book about technology and education, Now You See It: 65 percent of children entering grade school today will have jobs that haven’t been invented yet! And as my 4-1/2-year-old … Read more