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From “You Can’t Pop So Stop” to Teaching Dance Classes 2 Years Later

In 1980, from the rolled-down window of a yellow school bus in Long Beach, CA, a voice yelled, “You can’t pop so stop!” They were right, my dance skills sucked. They were wrong, I wasn’t going to stop. Two years later I was teaching popping at The Broadway Academy of Performing Arts in Carmichael, CA….

Dancing Is Forever

…and then when Rave came along I had to learn a whole new dance style that was different from The Smiths and The Cure that I was dancing to… which was a whole new dance style that was different from Zapp and Parliament-Funkadelic that I was dancing to. The soul moves regardless of the beat.


Danseparc Dance Club – 1985 DJ Danny Mix West Sacramento CA

The highlight of my alternative dance clubbing days was at Danseparc in West Sacramento, CA. It was THE dance spot in northern California in the mid-1980s! The club’s DJ booth was the front half of a Mack or Peterbilt truck cab – it was the fucking cooooolest! AND THE MUSIC WAS INSANELY COOL! Just found spearcy‘s…

Tips for Dance Teachers

These dance teacher tips are an expanded list, after a super-fun conversation at Philz Coffee in Midtown Sacramento with Hip-Hop dancer and instructor Jessica Aliganga. Match the difficulty of your 60-minute class to the “average” dancer (beginning, intermediate, advanced) in your class. (This advice is for dance “class”, not dance team “routines & rehearsals” or…