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Crappy Relationship ROI? Stop Getting Ripped Off!

You changed for somebody else – you invested all that effort. Then they stormed out and you’re left with an “empty” version of yourself. You shoved your square peg through a round hole and come out damaged and unrecognizable. Your return on investment (ROI) sucks! Now begins the long-ass journey back to… yourself. This stage…

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Customer service – Not just for customers anymore

Customer service is one of the new frontiers for intimate relationships, as well as family and friends. Customer service isn’t just for customers and social media – it’s for your marriage, your business partners, your employees, your vendors, your co-workers, your family and friends. Customer service is YOU being nice to the cashier who’s having…


Smart dating tip – Don't drink contaminated water

Broach the taboo topics, ask – and answer – embarrassing questions and state your not-so-obvious flaws. Build something of quality. Do the heavy-lifting from the outset. Filter out the flakes, putzes, assholes, haters and control freaks right up front. In other words, don’t drink contaminated water; filter out the crap.