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Speaking to Win: A Panel of Champions

Had an AWESOME time answering audience member’s questions and hearing my fellow panelist’s insightful answers at the 2017 Toastmasters District 39 Fall Conference Speaking to Win: A Panel of Champions Educational Session. Panel speakers: Keerthi Karnati, Donnie Crandell, Jeffrey Purtee, Reid Walley, John DavisModerator: David GoadConference: Toastmasters 2017 District 39 Fall ConferenceEvent: Educational SessionLocation: Hard Rock Hotel…

Good Eye Contact Makes You A Badass!
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Good Eye Contact Makes You A Badass!

Correction. Good eye contact makes your audience think you’re a badass! Whether you’re speaking to your board of directors, investors, customers, employees, or competing at a Toastmasters International Speech Contest, good eye contact makes you look confident! As Chris Anderson, TED Talks Conference curator, observes in his article How To Give A Killer Presentation in Harvard Business…

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Public Speaking Tip: How To Practice Making Eye Contact

“Perhaps the most important physical act onstage is making eye contact.”– Chris Anderson, TED Conference curator, from his article, How to Give a Killer Presentation, Harvard Business Review (June 2013) So, where the heck do we get a chance to practice making eye contact, anyway? We can’t wait until we’re in front of an audience. We need a…