Persoanl life coach – People hating your happiness?

Life Coaching: Some people hate it when you share your happiness, mainly because they have none of their own to share. So they call your happiness bullshit – sometimes to your face. They may look like they have it all together, they may tell you they have it all together, but their fear is in … Read more

Personal life coach – Saying No: “Mean” or “Meaningful”?

Life Coaching: There’s a “mean” way – and a “meaningful” way – of saying no. One is derogatory; the other is life affirming. A “mean” no is probably not the truth. Whereas a “meaningful” no can be transformative, balanced, Zen. It’s a no that means the request doesn’t align with your life’s plan/path. The no … Read more

Personal life coach – Hidden Wisdom with Irwin Kula!

Life Coaching: PBS airing of “Hidden Wisdom of Our Yearnings” (Dec. 11, 2006) with Irwin Kula was tremendous! A phrase that stood out was: “The more we allow ourselves to unfold, the less we unravel.” PBS note: Rabbi Irwin Kula, author of “Yearnings: Embracing the Sacred Messiness of Life,” discusses the positive energy of yearnings; … Read more

Personal life coach – “Fearful” or “Fearless”?

Life Coaching: Do we live in a closet of fear or out in the open – fearless? Do we want a mate so badly that we live without good friends and pass up golden opportunities? How do we decide if a relationship is working or not? Our relationships either keep us in the closet of … Read more

Personal life coach – Great relationship advice from my daughter, Andrea

Life coaching advice from my daughter, Andrea: “I finally let my ex go for good…i chose 2 b hurt for a few weeks vs. A lifetime of hurt with him.” It’s a great decision on her part, to see both sides of choosing to break up with her boyfriend. Because there are always two sides … Read more

Life Coach – Randy Pausch Lecture: Time Management

Randy Pausch Lecture: Time Management Time management from Randy Pausch, whose doctors gave him 3-6 months left to live due to pancreatic cancer. A VERY practical approach to time management.