Life Lessons

Frustration As A Tool

Frustration is a compass that’s ​sewn into your heart. And it blasts a siren every time your life gets off course. Like, “Shit, you’re veering off course. Get the hell back on track!” That’s the power of frustration when it’s used as a tool.

Losing vs Loser

Has your favorite sports team ever lost? Losing is part of the game. All hail the game! I lost this weekend’s District 39 Toastmasters International speech contest at the District level (round 4 of 6). Didn’t even place. And when the top-three winner’s were announced, and I wasn’t one of them, I was immediately handed two options: 1. …

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An Important Lesson About “What’s Best”

April 3, 2017, I presented my 2017 Toastmasters International Speech Contest speech for the first time out loud in front of my Capital City Toastmasters club. Plenty of rough-and-tumble mistakes, including a totally botched opening. It was awesome! You can view the full “Mistakes & All” video here. The third point in my speech was discovering the …

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