Asked My Mom…

Since Opera has literally been Mom’s everything since childhood, I asked her if she knew how she heard Opera for the first time: radio broadcast, 78-RPM record played at home, live performance? After much thinking, she’s pretty sure it was in 1949 (when she was 10) while watching a film with her mother in Long Beach, CA.

The operas were Rigoletto (by Verdi), La Traviata (by Verdi), and Manon Lescaut (by Puccini).

There’s always an early milestone, a pivotal juncture, that flips your switch.

Danseparc Dance Club – 1985 DJ Danny Mix West Sacramento CA

The highlight of my alternative dance clubbing days was at Danseparc in West Sacramento, CA. It was THE dance spot in northern California in the mid-1980s! The club’s DJ booth was the front half of a Mack or Peterbilt truck cab – it was the fucking cooooolest!

AND THE MUSIC WAS INSANELY COOL! Just found spearcy‘s YouTube channel with the digitized version of DJ Danny’s cassette recording in 1985.

DJ Danny 80s Mix from Danseparc (1985)

Cassette 1 side A (Unfortunately, this video is no longer available from YouTube):

Cassette 2 side A (Unfortunately, this video is no longer available from YouTube):

Cassette 2 side B (Unfortunately, this video is no longer available from YouTube):

Cassette 3 side A and B (Unfortunately, this video is no longer available from YouTube):

Four Music Songs I’m Diggin – July 10, 2018

1. “Nem Kaldi” by Gülden Karaböcek (released 1974)

2.  “After the Storm” (Instrumental) by Willie West and The Soul Investigators (released August 2016)

3. “Lost Lost Lost” by Pratt & Moody (released February 2017)

4. “Is It Any Wonder?” by Durand Jones & The Indications (recorded August 2017)

Productivity Music – Funky Vibes UK – Dj XS 2015 – Funked Up Electronic, Lounge, Hip Hop, House & Old School Vibes

This Funky Vibes UK music mix definitely helps me be productive! I’m currently at Philz Coffee at The Ice Blocks in Sacramento, CA, and this mix got me seriously dancing in my chair! Which counts as super-productive!

Funky Vibes UK on Soundcloud

Funky Vibes UK on YouTube

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Funky Vibes UK on Instagram

An Important Lesson About “What’s Best”

April 3, 2017, I presented my 2017 Toastmasters International Speech Contest speech for the first time out loud in front of my Capital City Toastmasters club. Plenty of rough-and-tumble mistakes, including a totally botched opening. It was awesome! You can view the full “Mistakes & All” video here.

The third point in my speech was discovering the perfect music that allowed me to “flow” while doing my college homework. The feedback from my Toastmasters club was enlightening:

  1. Some people do best when they study in complete silence.
  2. While others do best when they’re listening to Simon & Garfunkel softly in the background.

Find your best studying/homework/focusing environment.