Keep Moving Forward Until You Collapse

Life is varying degrees of knowledge, creativity, curiosity, unknowns, and silliness. Someday you’ll be dead, and you still will not have known all the things, tasted all the delights, healed all the wounds, climbed all the mountains, surmounted all the obstacles, righted all the wrongs, rescued all the lost, lived all the dreams, reached all…

What’s Your Prize?

Going from Ds and Fs to 3rd-in-my-class with an A meant switching from hardly studying in the American River College cafeteria to consistently finishing my homework every Tuesday and Thursday (the same days homework was assigned) at home. This “same day” cycle was crucial because I’m lazy AF and it’s easy for me to “put…

Confidence Workshop – UC Davis Chapter Association of Women Surgeons
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Confidence Workshop – UC Davis Chapter Association of Women Surgeons

A big thanks to Dr. Amanda Kirane for inviting me to present a hands-on bootcamp-style Public Speaking & Confidence Workshop for her UC Davis General Surgery Residents at their UC Davis Chapter’s Association of Women Surgeons (AWS) meeting. Location: UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center, Sacramento, CA. Date: Aug 2, 2018.


Brandon Greathouse – Push for Greatness Leadership Speech

A “Reach Higher” Spotlight: Brandon “Knowbody” Greathouse delivering his “Push for Greatness” motivational speech to the dancers at his Sept 5, 2017 Warriors of Rhythm dance crew auditions. Step 1 Dance & Fitness in Sacramento, CA. Catch Brandon “Knowbody” Greathouse here: Website & booking info Instagram Facebook Twitter

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Losing vs Loser

Has your favorite sports team ever lost? Losing is part of the game. All hail the game! I lost this weekend’s District 39 Toastmasters International speech contest at the District level (round 4 of 6). Didn’t even place. And when the top-three winner’s were announced, and I wasn’t one of them, I was immediately handed two options: 1….


You Are Not Limited By Someone Else's Options

Just because you’re offered 2 options – this VS that – does not mean you don’t have a third choice: YOURS! Hats off to my friend Stephanie Maynard for thinking beyond binary with this kick-ass Facebook post! “Everyone is updating their profile to declare their Batman or Superman alligence and I’m over here like #TeamBatwoman”…