Poem 6

Check what the muthafuckin’ record just said, man.

Slip to the books chump, betta find another can.

Killin’ muthafuckas just tryin’ a throw a juice, man?

Spreadin’ to the head blast, record for the devils’ can.

Kiss, cut, cry, kill; muthafuckin’ bullet fill.

Dabble death, trigger will, betta shot, betta kill.

Muthafuckin’ asshole, betta chill the fuck show.

Never know the time of day, bullet finds its own way.

Poem 3

It’s too rare an emotion,
too rare a friendship,
too rare an understanding.
Few moments in life are worth crying with,
but you are definitely one of them.
And when the time comes
that I can no longer hold your hand
and tell you I love you,
my heart will cry with pain
and my skin will grow cold,
and I will quietly die.

Poem 1

Just once, I wish I could kiss you for an hour in the middle of a quiet park; Taste your beautiful lips.

Just once, I wish I could hold you in my arms and draw animals on your back; Paint you with my fingers.

Just once, I wish I could wake up with your head on my shoulder; Wrapped in the morning mist.