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Standing Up For Your Mental Health – Growing A Pair Of Balls

Carrie: “I want to kill all the other drivers on the road while I’m driving to work. I hate the situation I’m stuck in at work!” Had a good chat with my friend Carrie, who hates her job situation but is afraid of standing up for herself by telling her boss what would be better…


How To Think About Making Eye Contact

Overheard a person at Temple Coffee in Sacramento, CA talk about practicing their presentation. We chatted, and eventually got to the topic of making eye contact. They said they’d recently been on stage and stared at one person the entire time they were speaking, remarking, “I’m sure the person I was staring at felt uncomfortable….

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From “You Can’t Pop So Stop” to Teaching Dance Classes 2 Years Later

In 1980, from the rolled-down window of a yellow school bus in Long Beach, CA, a voice yelled, “You can’t pop so stop!” They were right, my dance skills sucked. They were wrong, I wasn’t going to stop. Two years later I was teaching popping at The Broadway Academy of Performing Arts in Carmichael, CA….