People Making You Feel Reluctant About Using Social Media?

Them: “I’ve actually gotten very reluctant and a little paranoid about how to comport myself on Instagram because I seem to have offended someone by the way that I was sending things on private message without realizing it. I was just trying to be friendly and keep in touch but they got really mad. So…


Prince – Purple Rain Tribute in Theaters and on Social Media

Thirty-two years later, Purple Rain is back in theaters for a one-week tribute to Prince Tower Theatre in Sacramento, CA, showed Purple Rain tonight, April 25, 2016, to pay tribute to Prince (who died April 21, 2016). When I first heard the news of Prince’s death I was shocked. Then super bummed! I’ve been a fan since…

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Reputation Management Starts With Intent – UC Davis Police Pepper Spray

The last sentence in this LA Times article “UC Davis spends $175,000 to sanitize its online image after ugly pepper spray episode“ reads: “It’s very important to manage a reputation, and people often don’t realize that,” Kalb said. “So many companies have been seriously damaged for not having a strategy for handling this.” There’s nothing…

This Is True Storytelling – Extra Gum's Can't Help Falling In Love Gum Commercial

In just under 2 minutes, your heart is transported through a story so universal that you can’t help but relate to it on a deep level. And Haley Reinhart‘s phenomenal cover of Elvis Presley’s Can’t Help Falling In Love is the perfect match for this mini-movie-trailer of two meant-to-be-together souls – from first-glimpse to marriage proposal….

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Gary Vaynerchuk – Why Twitter Video Matters

Gary Vaynerchuk’s real-world business advice on the importance of Twitter Video! “People want to say that it’s not about the hard work. They want to say that it’s about working smart. It’s just not. It’s about BOTH! Go deep instead of wide. Don’t worry about how many followers you have and how you can spam them…