Pride Flag Color RGB

One of the variations for the Every Floor Is A Dance Floor t-shirt design will include the 6-bar Pride Flag colors, and the 8-bar People of Color (POC) versions.

LGBT Flag Color Scheme: 6-bar HEX, RGB, and CMYK approximations list

POC Pride Flag (Philadelphia Pride Flag): 8-bar RGB color list

Black – RGB: 0, 0, 0
Brown – RGB: 120, 79, 23
Red – RGB: 228, 3, 3
Orange – RGB: 255, 140, 0
Yellow – RGB: 255, 237, 0
Green – RGB: 0, 128, 38
Blue – RGB: 0, 77, 255
Violet/Purple – RGB: 117, 7, 135

Rainbow flag (LGBT movement) Wikipedia: reference to history and changes to stripe colors over time

Rainbow: science colors

Designing T-shirt Outside Label Art

Three design options. Let’s create 100%-size mockups and test what the designs look like “in place.” Using Affinity Designer to design the 3 inch x 3 inch graphics, print’em out, cut’em out, and place’em on the back of a t-shirt. Then, post pics on Facebook and Instagram Gallery and ask peeps which one they like most.

Kyrs Blackwood wearing The Greatest Technology Is Love t-shirt July 2018

Kyrs Blackwood Loves The Greatest Technology Is Love T-shirt

“Look at my awesome [The Greatest Technology Is Love™] T-shirt from Reid Walley! Reid is a fantastic human being and this shirt combines three of my fave things – Love, Design, and Tech. I’m lucky to have friends like him.”

Kyrs Blackwood wearing The Greatest Technology Is Love t-shirt July 2018
Kyrs Blackwood wearing The Greatest Technology Is Love t-shirt July 2018

Krys Blackwood (nee Taylor)
UX Designer for NASA/JPL
July 2018

T-shirt Resources – Print on Demand, Fulfillment, Dropshipping, Printers

The search for a bamboo t-shirt that was part of a direct-to-garment (DTG), print-on-demand (POD) t-shirt printer is WAY harder to find than I thought. Everybody offers 100% cotton (including combed & ring spun), poly-cotton (50/50), and tri-blend (polyester/cotton/rayon) tees – but no bamboo. But in the United States, only Printaura offers a bamboo t-shirt from Royal Apparel in their inventory.

But my personal experience with Printaura’s backend interface is it’s clunky and outdated, their WordPress integration with WooCommerce had shipping errors, and their social media support on Twitter is none-existent (as Printaura pointed out when I eventually emailed them with questions). All of their competitor’s Twitter support is excellent and timely, and I believe Printaura is missing the boat by actively ignoring their social media feeds to help customers.

Print on Demand T-shirt Printers

Printful (print on demand & fulfillment; warehousing of your own stock)
PrintAura (archaic backend user interface; image upload system mistakenly crops image files)
Teemill (BAMBOO tees for men and women; UK-based; t-shirt manufacturer, print on demand & fulfillment, and e-commerce store)
RedBubble (print on demand & fulfillment, and e-commerce store)
TeePublic (print on demand & fulfillment, and e-commerce store)
TeeSpring (print on demand & fulfillment, and e-commerce store)
Threadless (print on demand & fulfillment, and e-commerce store)
Zazzle (print on demand & fulfillment, and e-commerce store)
Merch by Amazon (invite-only; print on demand & fulfillment, and e-commerce store; warehousing of your own stock)
Spreadshirt (BAMBOO offered in a woman’s performance tank top)
TeeScape (print on demand & fulfillment)
Scalable Press direct-to-garment (same as screen printer below)
CustomCat direct-to-garment printer

Traditional Silk Screen T-shirt Printers

Real Thread (water based and discharge inks printing; good price-breaks start at 100 t-shirts; 20 tees is the minimum)
Custom Ink Screen printing or high-quality digital printing
Printful Same as direct-to-garment printer above, but they also offer traditional screen printing
Scalable Press screen printing (same as direct-to-garment printer above)

T-shirt manufacturers

Royal ApparelUnisex Bamboo Organic Cotton Tee style 73051 (Made in USA, 70% bamboo; 30% organic cotton)

Women’s T-shirt Poll: Ladies Style vs Unisex Style vs Men’s Style

I asked my female friends what t-shirt fit/cut/style they like to wear:

  • Ladies cut
  • Unisex cut
  • Men’s cut


  • The poll’s answers also detailed some of the fabrics that are preferred: Tri-blend is the most popular. “My faves are all tri-blends.”
  • V-neck and scoop neck were mentioned as favorite necklines. “None of my girlfriends like to wear men’s shirts since the neckline practically chokes you.”
  • And some of the women polled mentioned that a Ladies size for them runs small or even really small. I also found ~30% of reviews on clothing brand sites (especially American Apparel) also reported “I bought a Large but it fits like a Small. Had to return it!”
  • Provide a Size Chart.

The Poll

T-shirt question for women: do you like wearing ladies style tees, unisex style tees, or men’s style tees?

The Results

Ladies Style Tee: 22 votes (the clear winner)

  • Ladies because of the more comfortable and flattering neckline.
  • Ladies because they’re contoured in at the waist.
  • Q: Do the ladies style(s) you like run small or really small? Or do they run true to size?
    • A 1: They run small.
    • A 2: It totally depends on the brand and how I want it to fit. If I want a little room, I’ll usually order a size up so it’s still contoured at waist and hips but more forgiving. I think if you go with them and just provide a size chart you should be fine. Seeing a model wearing it and knowing that model’s measurements is also really helpful.
  • I like ladies tees because they are usually not restrictive around the neck and usually have more space around the chest.
  • Ladies style, v neck.
  • Q: And do you find that ladies styles run small or really small?
    • A: Really small.
  • Ladies like the really soft shirts. (Reid’s note: Lance really likes the feel of his tri-blend Chargify men’s tee).
  • If I have to wear a T-shirt, it has to be a ladies cut shirt. Men’s shirts don’t fit right, and I don’t believe unisex shirts are really a thing, lol.
  • Ladies v-neck.
  • Ladies cut, but size up one size to not be snug. And yes, logo placement matters due to boobies. Centered logo/art, unless the design calls for asymmetry. And logo/art too low gets overly distorted; too high is just weird.
  • Ladies! Thin soft material.
  • Q: Fabrics of the tees you like to wear?
    • A: One is poly/viscose. But my faves are all tri-blends. A big open neck is a plus!
  • Q: Do you find the ones you wear run small, really small, or true to size?
    • A: Mostly true to size.
  • Ladies v-neck or at the very least scoop [neck]. And watch those Juniors sizing, [they’re way too small]. I think the reason other brands run small is because they get juniors not women’s.
  • Favorite shirt: pima cotton V-neck ladies cut from Crazy Shirts!
  • Ladies or Junior’s ladies.
  • I hate wearing men’s shirts unless I go through the trouble of altering them. Women’s shirts. The 50/50 Shirt by American Apparel are not too expensive and fit well.
  • Ladies! V-neck or scoop neck. None of my girlfriends like to wear men’s shirts since the neckline practically chokes you.

Unisex Style Tee: 5 votes

  • Unisex. Women’s style is too tailored for me.
  • Unisex for me, too!! I don’t like my clothes hugging every curve anymore. Lol
  • I cut the neck out of all my t shirts. Unisex. Ladies tees never suited me I’m too buff. Lol
  • I would love ladies style because of the reasons Heather K stated (more comfortable and flattering neckline). But they rarely make them large enough to fit me. So I generally have to go with unisex with v neck.
  • Men’s or unisex because the sizing is more accurate and fits better.

Men’s Style Tee: 5 votes

  • Mens. The lady style accentuates my belly.
  • Men’s or unisex because the sizing is more accurate and fits better.
  • Men’s! Fitted lady tees are not in style these days. Oversized or baggy is what’s going on. “Wearing my boyfriends tee” will always be in style. 100% cotton.
  • Like men’s tees for sports teams.