Helena Rhim's First Toastmasters Speech Kicked Ass!

Since I evaluated Helena Rhim’s Toastmasters speech, I asked her what she was physically experiencing while she was speaking: My body was shaking When I paused I could feel my face turning red I felt the vein in neck throbbing My hands were clammy Even though she was nervous and experienced all of these symptoms, … Read more

Practicing Panic Makes You A Better Speaker

Why is embracing panic so important? Because… Appearing calm under pressure is a sign of leadership. Not knowing how to respond to panic can prevent you from starting in the first place. Fear of public speaking. Fear of failure. Fear of getting punched in the face. Fear of starting your own business. Fear of looking stupid … Read more

Toastmasters Speech Contest Tips – James Jeffley

James Jeffley made it all the way to THE BIG STAGE during the Toastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking contests in 2015 and 2014. James made it to the final top-10 winners out of 30,000 competitors, worldwide. TWICE! His District 39 Keynote includes his 3 overarching tips for developing your speech: What’s your takeaway MESSAGE? What’s your … Read more

Should You Memorize Your Toastmasters Speech?

World Champions of Public Speaking all said they do it! There’s a raging debate in the Toastmasters public speaking community about whether or not you should memorize your 5-7 minute speech. Some commenters are emphatic: “NO MEMORIZING! You’ll look and sound like a robot.” Others memorized the opening and closing of their speeches, and casually … Read more

How To Practice A 5-7 Minute Toastmasters Speech

You will discover that some techniques for practicing your speech work well, while others do not. My approach for practicing a speech is unique to me, so it’s important for you to gather advice from others as well. Research which patterns, practices and procedures work best for you to present a 5-7 minute speech, without … Read more