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Example: Mother Teresa. Life-path: Great

If Mother Teresa had a full-time job as a Web designer she would have never been “Mother Teresa.” She might have been a “good” Web designer, but then she wouldn’t have had time to be a “great” Mother Teresa. Be careful that you don’t waste you life only doing what you’re good at. You have…

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Protection from the destructive effects of anger and hatred ~ Dalai Lama

Insofar as the destructive effects of anger and hateful thoughts are concerned, one cannot get protection from wealth nor education. The only factor that can give protection from the destructive effects of anger and hatred is the practice of tolerance and patience. ~Dalai Lama

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She passively blamed her single status entirely on God

Excerpt from: “9 Things You Simply Must Do – to Succeed in Love and Life” by Dr. Henry Cloud I have seen lives transformed when people begin to adopt the strategy of asking themselves, What can I do to make this better? Miracles have occurred. I recently attended the wedding of a woman who had…

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How to Love Unconditionally – wikiHow

Excerpt: “…if you start thinking of love as the behavior itself, the reward becomes the feeling you get when you act a certain way, not when someone else acts a certain way. And you can continue acting this way all the time, regardless of how other people behave–it becomes an act of generosity. Read the…

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If you are working hard to please the wrong people, YOU will fail!

Does that critic or that buyer or that spouse or that girlfriend or that investor really matter as much as you think they do? Read Seth Godin’s full article “Trying to please”: http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2010/06/trying-to-please.html