AVCHD To HitFilm 4 Express

The single AVCHD file is the container the camera uses to store the .mts files, because the format has a file size limit that forces it to break up longer recordings into multiple pieces. You have to open the AVCHD file and extract the .mts files, and you will be able to import them [into … Read more

HitFilm Express 12: Re-center Anchor Point in Composite Shot Layer

Problem: After creating Layer [Plane] or [Text]* in Composite Shot, sometimes the Anchor Point gets off-center – the “Anchor Point” and “Position” are no longer 0.0 x 0.0. This is especially true with multiple lines of text, where the first text line has the Anchor Point at the base of the text line. But after … Read more

HitFilm Express 12: Smaller Plane Inside Larger Layer

Goal: Create 1080 x 1350 design inside an overall 1080 x 1920 layout for Instagram TV with a 60 second Instagram Feed Preview. Set master Project Settings to: 1080 x 1920 Make a Composite Shot Set Composite Shot Properties to: 1080 x 1920 Set each individual Layer’s Plane Properties to: 1080 x 1350 (for instance, … Read more

Final Cut Pro X – Change 16:9 ratio (1920×1080) to Instagram 1:1 ratio (1080×1080)

Caveat: I’m JUST beginning to learn Final Cut Pro X, and these instructions may NOT be the best way to do this FIRST, make a copy of the Library folder that holds everything (Library, Media, Events, Projects), and re-name both the Folder and the Library file (don’t want to lose the original 16:9 layout version). … Read more

HitFilm Express Resources

Beginner Tip: In order to add the Witness Protection (face blur) effect to a moving object, you first need to know to Make Composite Shots. I watched 3 How to Add Witness Protection videos and none of them pointed out that there’s a basic step BEFORE adding the Witness Protection effect. Below are 2 articles … Read more