Confidence Has A Recipe

Confidence has a LOOK, a SOUND, a PACE, a certain LACK OF APOLOGY.


Confidence has a look, a stance, a profile, a posture. Sit up straight – no slouching; no hunching over. And confidence makes eye contact!

“Perhaps the most important physical act onstage is making eye contact.”
– Chris Anderson, TED Talk conference curator (source: Harvard Business Review)

Good eye contact makes your audience think you’re a badass!


Confidence has a sound, a volume, a projection, a diction. Confidence speaks clearly and does not mumble. Confidence can be heard by everyone in the room.


Confidence has a pace, a pause, a speaking rate. Confidence gives the audience time to settle-in before speaking.


Confidence makes a statement, it does not ask for permission or approval. Confidence does not ask a question. Confidence does not add an “OK?” at the end of a statement!


Confidence does not get flustered!

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