Ever-Changing User Experience Design (ECUXD)

Boiling user experience down to its easiest, most intuitive interaction seems simple, but it’s not. Hence my long-time friend Krys Blackwood‘s career as Lead User Experience Designer at NASA/JPL.

Making shit simple is hard.

And I think about this all the time now that I’m interacting a lot with Mom and how she interacts with her environment physically, mentally, and energy-wise.

Krys Blackwood: “In my previous two jobs, I was designing interfaces for seniors, and can i just tell you what a gift that was. Accessible design benefits all users. The things you think to do for your mom, and the principles you apply in helping her, apply to everyone in one way or another.”

With Mom I’m learning that there’s really no such thing as Intuitive Design. There’s Mom and her upbringing, experiences, learned skills, dedicated practicing, and academic accomplishments. Then as she ages, those things wear away at the edges and deteriorate over time. So Intuitive Design is really just Ever-Changing User Experience Design (ECUXD). And that’s never a one-and-done process from the designer’s point-of-view.

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