Fear of Public Speaking

Toastmasters observation: sometimes peeps overspend on “planning” and underspend on “doing.”

There’s no substitute for falling down and getting back up.

Tonight’s (Sept 9th) public speaking demo takeaway when addressing what to do when you “go blank” during a presentation – and you’re very scientifically minded:

  • Develop a methodology, a framework, and test different techniques to overcome “going blank.”
  • And use the Table Topics section to test your hypothesis. Table Topics is like a petri dish ready to test new strains of techniques.

Table Topics (and prepared speeches) is the only place to stress-test your hypothesis.

As a Psychology major at American River College in Sacramento, I learned we only have 2 options: fight or flight.

In Toastmasters public speaking, I learned we have a 3rd option: stand & deliver.

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