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Find The Tool That Works For You

I turned on the air conditioner, so why isn’t my place cooling down? Then I discovered I had the unit dialed to low warm instead of low cool.

Reminds me of the awesome Toastmasters meeting we had this evening about addressing and acknowledging feeling overwhelmed at work (like me realizing my place was still warm) by adjusting our mindset in the moment – and finding a TOOL that works for you (like my physically adjusting my heating/air conditioning unit’s dial).

For Matt, it’s going for a quick run or doing pushups when he feels overwhelmed. For Othello, it’s saying to himself “this is going to be overtime” when he’s tired and really needs to be productive at the end of an already long work day.

Jenny had a bad day at work as what-could-go-wrong did-go-wrong turned into her telltale symptoms of doom: heart racing, flush face. Her next step: report back to us what tool(s) she tries in the moment when work feels overwhelming.

We’ve all been there; just need to find the running, mental adjustment, breathing technique – THE TOOL – that works for you in the moment.

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