FIX: Bread Bitcoin Wallet Not Importing Paper Wallet

ALERT: MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR BREAD WALLET’S 12-WORD PAPER KEY (aka: RECOVERY PHRASE, SEED) written down before following this advice.

Bread Bitcoin Wallet Keypad
Bread Bitcoin Wallet
Bitcoin Paper Wallet
Bitcoin Paper Wallet

PROBLEM: When attempting to import paper wallet into Bread (Menu > Settings > Import Wallet), I kept getting a “Bread has stopped” pop-up message. The transaction looked like it was going through but then I got a “Transaction Rejected” message. This happened 3 times in a row.

If you get a “Transaction Rejected” message, Bread recommends re-syncing to the Blockchain. In Bread App, go to: Menu > Settings > Sync Blockchain.

If you are trying to send money and constantly get error messages that your transaction was rejected, it could also mean your wallet is out of sync. Source

I tried this 3 times. This did not fix the problem. I tried restarting my cell phone. This did to fix the problem! I still could not import my paper wallet into Bread. I still got the “Bread has stopped” pop-up message, then the “Transaction Rejected” message.

THE SOLUTION: Research on Reddit recommended uninstalling then reinstalling the Bread Bitcoin Wallet App on my Android.

THIS WORKED! Below are the steps I followed.

WARNING: if you don’t have your 12-word Paper Key (aka: Recovery Phrase, Seed) written down, then you WILL LOSE ALL THE BITCOIN on your Bread Wallet when implementing the following steps:

  1. Uninstall Bread Bitcoin Wallet.
  2. Reinstall Bread Bitcoin Wallet.
  3. Bread will ask you to type in your 12-word key in order to re-instate your Bread Wallet.
  4. Now your balance should show as $0.00. This is normal.
  5. Sync Blockchain (Menu > Settings > Sync Blockchain). Note: this took 3.5 hours for me.
  6. Bitcoin balance should now be displayed properly.


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