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Gary Vaynerchuk Sees A Trillion Dollar Meditation Industry

Heads-up if you’re in the health, wellness, fitness industry.

Maybe you own a yoga or pilates studio, a gym or Zumba studio, a clothing line, an App software company, a music recording studio, a social media marketing company, a website design company, a logo design company…

“Meditation is about to EXPLODE in America! …In 4-5 years this will be a Trillion-dollar business.” –Gary Vaynerchuk

Think of all the satellite industries that come along with the coming Meditation wave. The meditation startup needs studio space, flooring, mats, logos, instructor photographs, brochures, business cards, t-shirts, pants, custom music mixes, mobile Apps, SnapChat filters, websites, marketing, legal counsel, cleaning services, credit card processing, insurance, bank accounts.

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