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Gary Vaynerchuk – Why Twitter Video Matters

Gary Vaynerchuk’s real-world business advice on the importance of Twitter Video!

“People want to say that it’s not about the hard work. They want to say that it’s about working smart. It’s just not. It’s about BOTH!ย Go deep instead of wide.

Don’t worry about how many followers you have and how you can spam them all.

“Try to make connections deeper, one-by-one. They will last longer. They will mean more.” โ€“ @GaryVee

My experience using Twitter Video

On May 28, 2015, I began implementing Gary’s advice and startedย thanking every new follower using Twitter video โ€“ and the response has been INSANE. People are BLOWN AWAY with how cool a Twitter video response is! A few peeps are even responding to my Twitter video reply with their own first Twitter video.

This will all eventually become normal and even mundane. But for now, peeps are DIGGIN the extra attention and effort!




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