Using HandBrake To Try And Fix Poor Audio In Video

Videotaped a workshop with my camcorder. Turns out it records in Mono channel (ugh); the video comes out kinda crappy; and the audio with a kinda crappy external mic comes out kinda crappy.

Experimenting with HandBrake to see if I can turn 90 mins of kinda crappy video & audio into something a little better.

Learning about settings in HandBrake from these videos:

1. How to Make Your Video Upload Crystal Clear – Handbrake 2018 by Visible Authority (specifically using the new H.265 video encoder, not the old H.264 video encoder setting. Settings start at 6 minutes into the video.)

2. How to increase video volume with handbrake by JDB Wizzard (specifically bumping audio gain up to 20.)

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