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Help me change my flat tire – How business can kick ass with Twitter!

Don’t bombard me with a “Four tires for the price of three” sale.
Find me on the side of the road and help me change my flat tire!

  • Old, status quo marketing: “Here’s my stuff. Buy my stuff!”
  • New, cool-kid marketing: “Here’s an exact solution to your exact problem!”

Here’s how to make your company, product, service kick ass with Twitter!

The perfect example:

On Tuesday, Nov 15, 2011, I Tweeted that I had shared a couple of WordPress e-commerce alternatives with a client:

Twitter: Trouble shooting WordPress shopping cart plugin w/ client; and looking at WP e-commerce plugin alternatives.

Five minutes later @Cart66 (a WordPress e-commerce plugin developer) replied to my Tweet with the following message:

Twitter for business example. @ReidWalley Have you looked at cart66.com for #wordpress #ecommerce? Let me know if you have any questions.

Cart66 was on the ball. They offered a specific solution to my specific circumstance and they offered to answer any questions. They replied to me in 5 minutes… 5 minutes! Dude, that’s fast! And because they answered so quickly the topic was still fresh in my mind. I have to admit I was really surprised at how quickly anybody* replied.

They weren’t selling, they were solving. And that kicks ass!

Use Twitter’s search engine http://twitter.com/search to find your industry’s problems – and solve them. Never before in the history of marketing and advertising has any company been able to know – in real time – what customers are actually freaking out about. Twitter allows you to search your industry, as well as existing and potential clients, and offer assistance!

Find me on the side of the road and help me change my flat tire!

*By the way, @Cart66 was the only WordPress e-commerce plugin developer that replied.

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