HitFilm Express 12: Re-center Anchor Point in Composite Shot Layer

Problem: After creating Layer [Plane] or [Text]* in Composite Shot, sometimes the Anchor Point gets off-center – the “Anchor Point” and “Position” are no longer 0.0 x 0.0. This is especially true with multiple lines of text, where the first text line has the Anchor Point at the base of the text line. But after typing 4 lines of text, the Anchor Point is still stuck at the baseline of the first line of text. This problem also happens when manually re-sizing the [Plane] or [Text]* by clicking and dragging one of the corners.

How to get the Anchor Point to re-center when it gets off-center. The [Plane] or [Text]* (the blue box) sits within the Layer. Anchor Point moves the “anchor” within the blue box. And Position moves the blue box within the Layer.

Where to make adjustments

To adjust Anchor Point and/or Position: Choose Layer [Plane] or [Text]* > Control panel > Transform tab

Anchor Point: Moves the “anchor” within the [Plane] or [Text]* (the blue box) – but does NOT move the [Plane] or [Text]* (the blue box) within the Layer.

Position: Moves the [Plane] or [Text]* (the blue box) around the Layer.

*[Text]: Adjusting this is a bit different from just re-adjusting the Anchor Point to be centered (0.0 x 0.0). In my 4-line text the default Anchor Point is at the baseline of only the first line of text. I had to adjust the Anchor Point’s Y axis to -500 (eg: 0.0 x -500). This places the Anchor Point at the best-looking center/center position.

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